Maker Faire Burlington is a success because of volunteers like you!

Volunteers at 2015 Burlington Mini Maker Faire

Hanging with volunteers in 2015

Call for Volunteers

Sign up here to volunteer at Maker Faire Burlington.
  • They may need to fill out this form on their own, we will let you know.
  • Required if volunteer is under 18
  • Required if volunteer is under 18
  • Required if volunteer is under 18
  • Select all that apply.
  • We will put you on the contact list if we need help distributing flyers, sharing the word via social media, contacting makers, etc.
  • April 22, 2017. Boxes checked here will schedule you as a volunteer at the time(s) selected. Please contact us to reschedule or if you cannot make it to your selected shift.
  • Volunteers will receive a tshirt upon arriving for their shifts. Please specify the style(s) of shirts of your choice per volunteer.
  • If shirts are not available in your requested size, the next closest size will be ordered. We will try to have your preference of style and size, but reserve the right to give you the next available size if necessary.
  • Please read and check the box below. Alamance Makers Guild holds the right to allow or prohibit volunteering as we deem fit.


See you there!

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